Installation of Geosynthetics, TINGEO

TINGEO is a company specialized in advising and building Safe Containment Systems using geosynthetics. Their first steps began in the late 80s.

A fundamental part of any project consists of the correct evaluation of the risks and specific actions of the project, so that the different solutions can be adapted to each specific situation, selecting the materials, construction details and execution procedures that guarantee the safety and durability of the project.

There are no valid solutions for all situations. The success or the failure, and the efficiency of the project, are in the small details and differences.


Geosynthetics installation projects

Tingeo has participated in hundreds of national and international Geosynthetics installation projects, theese are some of our most relevant works;

Valdemingómez Landfill, Madrid

> 895.000 m2

Cobre las Cruces Mine, Seville

> 720.000 m2

Channels in Extremadura

> 1.000.000 m2

Thermosolar in Écija, Seville

> 260.000 m2

+ of 15 million

 m2 of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet installed. 

+ 15 million

m2 of geotextile.

+ 7 million

m2 of
drainage geocomposites.

+ 7 million

m2 of bentonite geocomposites.

If you need any references in your area, or any type of special project please contact us.

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TINGEO applies to the projects in which takes part, the combination of:

Best available technologies:

Both in geosynthetic materials, installation machinery and execution procedures.

Extensive experience in installation of Geosynthetics:

Accumulating knowledge of solutions to different challenges in all types of works with geosynthetics.

Integral solutions with geosynthetics

decades offering solutions with geosynthetics have allowed us to know the evolution over time of the different posibilities, making it possible to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in the medium and long term.

Engineering Department:

To provide more solutions for the implementation of a safe containment system.

Production capacity:

Commitments to deadlines are a fundamental part of our work, and we make it a priority.

Experts in...

We are...

Safe containment systems
Production capacity and guarantee of execution times
Guarantee and efficiency
Passion for our work
Best available technology


TINGEO actively collaborates with the different actors involved in safe containment systems.


Exchanging information on product behavior and needs not covered by current products, promoting modifications and new developments that will be the geosynthetics of tomorrow.


We analyse the behaviour of welding robots under different atmospheric conditions and orographic characteristics and test new developments.


Sharing all our knowledge in the planning of new facilities that provide efficient and appropriate solutions to needs of public or private interest.


With whom we actively collaborate in the definition of recommendations and requirements, on the project, materials, execution procedures, control procedures, and operating procedures, which must be considered in each type of project.

We have shown you who we are in the most transparent and honest possible way, although TINGEO is more than what is presented here. Don’t just stand there, get to know us and see firsthand what sets us apart.

Policies and Certificates...

TINGEO has a large number of accreditations including the company’s own accreditations

Environmental and Quality Policy
ISO 9001
ISO 14001