Waterproofing Solutions

Adequate water regulation is essential for any agricultural project.

TINGEO specialises in waterproofing ponds with high-density polyethylene geomembranes.

We are the most economical and efficient solution for your project regardless of geographical location, as we have specialized equipment with total mobility.

Building the most economical solution involves choosing the most suitable products that do not have to be the cheapest or the same ones that have been used in other projects. Efficiency consists in choosing products whose performance/price ratio is optimal to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Design and construction of water reservoirs

Finish of the support surface and the nature of it.

There are products that form part of the waterproofing system that may be suitable in one project and that are discarded in another because they chemically react with some types of soil.

The safety coefficients to be included in the choice of materials are not the same in the case of small or large rafts, dug rafts or rafts partially supported by earth dams, rafts whose location is far from urban centres or rafts which, in the event of unpacking, could give rise to high material and human damage.

Forecast of seating due to the nature of the terrain, loss of soil moisture due to the pressure of the water column, loss of sponging.

Total height of the crest of the raft with respect to the bottom and slope inclination.

Exposure to winds. It will influence the anchoring and ballasting needs of the geosynthetics as well as the forecast of the hitting cycles of the geosynthetics against the support terrain, whether due to wind suction or the hitting of the waves.

Singular elements such as inlet, outlet, drainage and spillways.

Needs in the maintenance and operation of the pond, such as the cleaning of sediments.

Adaptation to regulatory frameworks such as UNE 104427.